1710 Grant of 440 acres in Westmoreland County

Land – 1710 Grant of 440 acres in Westmoreland County

Samuel Dishman acquired 440 acres in Westmoreland County from the Proprietors of the Northern Neck, escheated from Mary Merring of Plymouth, England and recorded December 18, 1710.


This deed contains several items of genealogical interest:

  • Samuel’s name is spelled Duchiminia, another phonetic spelling of the French name Duchemin.
  • The land is located adjacent to land Samuel Dishman already owned.

Original Document

The original document is available online at the Library of Virginia as part of their Digital Library Program. The Northern Neck Grants were land grants issued by the Fairfax Family between 1690 and 1781, and by the Commonwealth of Virginia 1786 and 1874. Click here to view the original document.


Northern Neck Grants No. 4, 1710-12, page 18, 18 Dec 1710

Marguritte Lady Culpeper and Catherine Lady Fairfax Proprietors of the Northern Neck of Virginia.

To all whom this present writing shall come send greeting in our lord God everlasting.

Whereas Samuell Duchiminia of ye County of Westmoreland hath set forth to our office ye Mrs. Mary Merring of Plymouth in ye County of Devon in the Kingdome of Great Brittain dyed seized of four hundred and forty acres of land in ye said County of Westmoreland and left no heirs behind her nor did dispose thereof by will whereupon ye same escheats to us ye said property and thereupon a certificate according to ye rules of the office issued to make ye same publick so being returned with endorsements under ye hand of Thomas Sorrell dept clerk of ye said County certifying that the same was duly published and no person appearing to dispute ye title to ye said escheat and ye said Samuel Duchiminia moving to be preferred to escheat ye same.

Know Yee therefore that we for and in consideration of ye composition to us paid and ye annual rent hereafter reserved have granted, made over, and confirmed and by these presents do grant, make over, and confirm unto ye said Samuel Duchiminia all our right, title, interest, claim, and demand of, in, and to ye said four hundred and forty acres of land to us belonging or appertaining by virtue of ye said escheat ye said land situated, lying, and being in Upper Machotique in ye County of Westmoreland aforesaid and bounded according to ye said survey as followeth.

Viz: Beginning at a hiccory corner tree to this Land and ye land ye said Samuell Duchiminia now lives on standing in ye line of Thomas Butler by a Road and extending to a hiccory saplin standing in ye line of another parcel of land of ye said Duchiminia along ye line of Thomas Butler South fifty degrees West one hundred and sixty seven pole thence North twenty two degrees and a half West twenty four pole to a corner tree to ye said Duchiminia land being a red oak standing by a path thence south seventy seven degrees west two hundred and ninety four pole to a corner hiccory saplin standing in ye line of Edward Mercy thence North five degrees East two hundred and twenty pole to a corner white oak by a branch near Ashton swamp in ye line of Richard Rawlins thence south eighty degrees east one hundred and forty seven pole to a red oak corner tree to said Rawlins by a branch side thence north east thirty four pole to a white oak tree of said Rawlins at ye mouth of a branch entering Ashtons Swamp thence ye meanders of Ashtons Swamp to ye mouth of a branch leading up to Duchiminia Spring a point at ye mouth of spring branch parting this land and ye land Duchiminia now lives on thence up ye branch to a marked white oak at ye head of ye said branch standing by his spring thence South fifty two degrees east forty pole to ye place begun.

Together with all rights, members, & appurtenances thereunto belonging Royal Mines excepted and ye full there part of all lead, copper, tin, coals, and iron mines as shall be found thereon.

To have and to hold ye said 440 acres of land together with all rights, profits, and benefits to ye same belonging or in any wise appertaining except before excepted to him ye said Samuel Duchiminia his heirs and assigns therefore.

Yielding and Paying to us our heirs and assigns or to ye certain attorney or attorneys of us ye said proprietors or to ye certain attorney or attorneys of our heirs and assigns proprietors of ye said Northern Neck yearly and every year on ye feast of St. Michaels ye Arch Angel ye fee rent of one shilling sterling money for every fifty acres of land hereby granted.

Provided that if ye said Samuel Duchiminia his heirs and assigns shall not pay ye before reserved annuall rent so if ye same or any part thereof shall be behind or unpaid by ye space of two whole years after ye same shall become due if lawfully demanded ye then it shall and may be lawful for us our heirs and assigns certain attorney or agents into ye above granted promises to reenter and hold ye same as if this grant had never passed.

Given at our office in Lancaster County within our said proprietory under our seale. Witness our agent and attorney fully authorized thereto. Dated the 18th day of December in the ninth year of the reign of our sovereign Lady Anne of Great Brittain, France, and Ireland Queen defender of the faith. Anno Dom 1710

Samll. Duchiminia his Escheat

Deed for 440 acres of land in Westmoreland County

Transcribed by W. Keith Dishman on 25 Nov 2001.

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