1693/94 Deed for 60 acres in Westmoreland County

Land – 1693/94 Deed for 60 acres in Westmoreland County

Samuel Dishman (Duchemin) and Isaac Duchemin purchased approximately 60 acres of land on February 28, 1693/94 from Capt. Malachy Peale, an Exon, Devonshire merchant. The deed is lost, but the purchase is recorded in the Westmoreland County Court Order Book and is the earliest known record of Samuel Dishman in Virginia. The acreage was estimated by James Dallas Dishman, working backwards from subsequent land transactions and wills.


This document contains several items of genealogical interest:

  • It establishes the date by which Samuel and Isaac were in the Colony of Virginia (28 Feb 1693/94).
  • The equal listing of Samuel and Isaac implies that they were probably not father and son, but rather they were brothers or had a similar close relationship.
  • The surname is spelled Decymee, which is most likely a phonetic spelling of the French name Duchemin.

Original Document

1693 Order Book - Decymee
Westmoreland County, Virginia Court Order Book (1690-8), page 119a, February 28, 1693/94


At a Court held for the sd. County the twenty Eight day of ffeby. 1693 [Capt. Wm Pierce, Mr. Wm. Horton, Capt. Thos. Gouct, Mr. Henry Rosse, Justices]

Peeles ackno.. to Decymee

Mr. Malachy Peele came into Court and acknowledged a Deed of sale of Land from him to Samll. Decymee & Isaac Decymee to bee his proper Act & Deed and the Land & prmesses. thereby conveyed to bee the just right and Inheritance of the sd. Samll. and Isaac Decymee Ordered the same be Recorded.

Transcription made by W. Keith Dishman on 30 Jun 2002.

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