Y-DNA Results from 37-Marker Test

I had the 37-marker Y chromosome (Y-DNA) test performed by Family Tree DNA. I followed this up with the Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) test to try and get a better classification of my haplogroup.

My haplogroup is as


This corresponds to test results of

L150+ U198- U106- P312- L51- L48- L325- L257- L217- L210 L2- L193- L1-

In human genetics, Haplogroup R1b is the most frequently occurring Y-chromosome haplogroup in Western Europe, parts of central Eurasia, and in parts of sub-Saharan Central Africa. R1b is also present at lower frequencies throughout Eastern Europe, Western Asia, Central Asia, and parts of South Asia and North Africa. Due to European emigration it also reaches high frequencies in the Americas and Australia. Western Europe is dominated by the R1b1a2 (R-M269) branch of R1b. It is believed to have expanded throughout Europe as humans re-colonized after the last glacial perioed ended approximately 10-12 thousand years ago. The following figure shows the distribution of R1b across Europe.

R1b Distribution in Europe
Approximate distribution of Haplogroup R1b in Europe (Wikipedia)

Being a member of haplogroup R1b distribution does support the belief based on the records that the Dishman ancestors come from Western Europe, but the field of genetic genealogy is still evolving and it is difficult to draw specific conclusions about the Dishman origins.

My DNA results are available at ysearch.org under user ID U2UF7 or surname Dishman. Ysearch.org is a public database of DNA results maintained by Family Tree DNA and currently has over 100,000 records. There are no exact matches with anyone else to the 37 markers in my test result (not a surprising result).