Samuel Dishman (Duchemin) Will and Inventory

Samuel Duchemin (Dishman) Will and Inventory

The will and estate inventory of Samuel Dishman were transcribed from the originals on file at the Westmoreland County Courthouse in Virginia.  The links within the will provide additional information about the persons mentioned, and the links within the inventory help to explain some of the more obscure terms.  Reading the 18th century handwriting is sometimes difficult, so there are most likely errors in my transcription.

Samuel Dishman’s Will

Source: Westmoreland County, Virginia, Deed Book 8, Page 84

Transcribed by W. Keith Dishman 16 Jul 2000. Transcript (PDF)

In the Name of God Amen I Samuel Dishman of ye County of Westmoreland in Washington Parish in Virginia being very sick and weak of body but in perfect sense and of sound memory – thanks be to God for it, do make and ordain this to be my last Will and Testament in manner and form following, Revoking and renouncing all other Will or Wills heretofore by me made.

Impr. I Recommend my Soul into ye hands of Almighty God, my Creator, trusting in him to have a joyful Resurrection, etc. and my body to ye Earth to be decently Buried in ye Christian burial at ye discretion of my Executors hereinafter mentioned.

1st I give and bequeath unto my Eldest Son John Dishman all my Lands in Stafford County with ye free Simple thereof to him and his heirs forever, and also, I give him all my Smiths tools of what kind so ever, also I give to my aforesaid Son John Dishman, three Negroes named Tony, Judith, and Giny.

2dly I give unto my Daughter Elizabeth Brown three Negroes called Sambo, Sarah and Pegg, one feather bed and furniture thereunto belonging, two cows and calves and two sheep.

3dy I give unto my Daughter Ann Dishman, three negroes, named Kitt, Harry and young Shew, one feather bed and furniture thereunto belonging, two cows and calves and 2 sheep.

4thy I give unto my Son James Dishman all my Lands in King Georges County with ye free Simple thereof to him and his heirs forever and also two Negroes called Dick and Shew.

5thy I give unto my Son David Dishman two Negroes named Tom and Will.

6thy I give unto my Son Peter Dishman two Negroes called Will Winnes child and Anthony Shews child and my desire is that all my Lands in Essex County should be equally Divided between my said two sons David and Peter Dishman, with ye free Simple thereof, to them and their heirs, forever.

7th I give unto my Daughter Mary Disman (sic) two Negroes named Charles and Young Giney to be delivered at ye age of 18 or ye Day of Marriage, but in case she die before she come of age, then to be divided between David and Peter Dishman.

8thy I give and bequeath unto my Son John Dishman half ye Lands belonging to me in this County of Westmoreland with ye free Simple thereof to him and his heirs forever, and the other half to my beloved Wife Cornelia Dishman enduring her natural life and after her decease to my Son James Dishman with ye free Simple thereof, to him and his heirs forever.

9thy I give unto my Daughter Mary one feather bed and furniture, two cows and calves and two sheep.

10thy I give unto my well beloved Wife Cornelia Dishman three Negroes named Ned, Winney, Frank with her mare, saddle and bridle.

11thy All ye rest of my personal Estate of what kind, nature or quality soever I give to be equally divided among my four Sons and my beloved Wife.

Lastly I do herby constitute and appoint my Son John Dishman and my beloved Wife Cornelia Dishman to be my Executors of this my last Will and Testament, but if my Wife should marry again, then I do herby leave my Son John Dishman my sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament.

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 15th Day of November Anno Domini 1726.

Samuel Duchmein

Testes Richard Rollins, Richard R Arrowsmith, Francis Lacon

Westmoreland / At a Court held for the said County the 31st Day of May 1727
This Last Will and Testament of Samuel Dishman deceased was presented into Court by his relict Cornelia Dishman and John Dishman the Executors therein named who made oath thereto and being proved by the oaths of Richard Rollins and Richard Arrowsmith two of the Witnesses thereto, is admitted to record.

G. Turberville  C:C:W

Recorded this Third Day of June 1727
G.T.   C:C:W

Samuel Dishman’s Estate Inventory

Source: Westmoreland County Inventories 1723-1746, Pages 69-69a

Transcribed by W. Keith Dishman 30 May 2003

In obedience to an order of Court dated May 31st 1727, we ye appraisers appointed by ye said order being summoned and sworne before Mr. Robert Washington, Gent., one of his Majestie’s Justices of ye peace of ye said County have appraised ye Estate of Samuell Dishman of ye said County, dec’d.

Page 69, Left Column£sd
1 Negro Man called Tony35
1 Negro Woman called Judy25
1 Negro Girl called Jeny18
1 Negro Man called Dick30
1 Negro Boy called Tom20
1 Negro Woman called Sew25
1 Negro Boy called Will15
1 Negro Boy called Frank10
1 Negro Boy called Anthony05
1 Negro Boy called Nedd08
1 Negro Girl called Sew07
1 Negro Man called Sambo30
1 Negro Woman called Sarah20
1 Negro Girl called Pegg09
1 Negro Boy called Charles09
1 Negro Man called Kitt30
1 Negro Man called Harry30
1 Negro Woman called Winny25
1 Negro Girl called Jenny07
1 Negro Boy called Will, Winny’s child06
1 Negro Boy called Ebon05
1 old feather bed boulster quilt, & sheets, bedstead, & Cord04
Chest & box0006
1 pair of large Stillards01
½ doz. of old Leather Chairs01
1 Oval table0012
1 old large square table0008
1 Warming pan0010
1 small Looking glass00016
1 old bed Bolster Rugg, a pair of Sheets blanket, hide & Cord0300
1 bed Bolster Rugg, a pair of Sheets blanket, hide & Cord03
7 ½ yards of brown Sheeting Linen086 ½
9 yards of brown Sheeting Linen09
11 ½ yds. of brown Linen068 ½
10 yds. of brown Linen05
1 ½ yds. of Brown Linen Sheeting0110 ½
8 ½ yds. of Brown Linen02½
20 ¼ yds. of Dowlas013
19 yds. of Garlicks01022
1 ¼ yds. of Shirt Holland02
1 ¼ of Candlewick026
1 Chest10
1 old Chest04
1 pair of large Scales & Weights08
6 ¾ yds. of Penistone069
8 yds. of Shalloon03
5 ¼ yds. of Druggett089
4 ¼ yds. of Serge0411 ½
10 yds. of Carsey126
3 ½ yds. of Carsey033
3 remnants of Cloth03
1 pair of Men’s Shoes03
2 Deer Skins076
1 large Chest10
1 new Rugg12
old Rugg06
1 old Rugg06
7 Sickels02
2 Rying Sives [?]08
Page 69, Right Column£sd
1 old pair of Money Scales & Weights--026
¼ Ouz [?] of burrow [?]--03--
a parsel of earthenware--018
3 Stone Juggs--016
1 doz. of bottles--01--
a parsel of books--12--
1 old Woman saddle & Saddle cloth--05--
2 old Mens Saddles--15--
1 Horse10----
1 Mare05----
1 Young Horse07----
3 old Huccaback Napkins & tablecloth--05--
7 old Napkins--03--
1 old box Iron & heaters--02--
90 lbs. of new Steel at 3 d.01026
a sett of Smith’s tools08----
1 well fixt Gun--12--
366 lbs. of old Iron at ¾ d.01029 ½
1 old Gun--08--
27 lbs. of old brass at 4 d.--09--
a parsel of old axes & hoes--10--
1 old Cart & Wheeles02----
17 hoggs0502--
36 lb. Tin Cask0116--
his wearing clothes04----
2 old tables--05--
4 _____, 1 drawing knife, 1 gridiron--03--
2 brushes & 2 pair of shears--016
1 handsaw--016
a pair of small Stillards--07--
9 hids [hides?]01----
3 Wedges--06--
1 frow--03--
Page 69a, Left Column£sd
12 yds. of Brown Sheeting Linen15
19 yds. of Brown Linen19
3 yds. of Cotton02
2300 ten penny Nailes094
19 french books0210
some Window glass01
1 Chest08
2 small Boxes03
1 Bed Bolster, 1 pair of Sheets, 1 Blanket, Bedstead, Hide, & Cord02
1 new Bed & bolster, 1 fine pair of Sheets, Quilt, 1 Blanket, 2 pillows and pillow cases, bedstead, Cord, & Hide08
1 new feather bed02
1 old Bed, bolster, 1 pair of Sheets, 1 blanket, 1 pillow, bedstead, Cord, & Hide03
1 Bed & bolster, 1 pair of Sheets, 1 Blanket, bedstead, Cord, & hide0310
remnants of Linen01
2 ¼ yds. of Sheeting Linen026
a remnant of Duroys016
2 ould Caps02
¾ ft. of Candlewicks016
12 yds. of Shiffats [?]07
1 large trunk04
2 old Walking Canes05
1 small Chest05
bell mettle spice mortar & pestel10
2 bell mettle skillets01
1 brass Kettle qt. 27 lbs. at 14 d.01116
1 old brass kettle qt. 37 lbs. at 8 d.01048
1 Spitt05
108 lbs. of Pott Iron a 2 d.18
3 brass Candlesticks & brass skimmor06
3 Iron pott Racks15
79 lbs. of good pewter at 9 d.02193
68 lbs. of old pewter at 5 d.01084
1 Ladle & flesh forek03
3 old frying pans03
5 pottles & piggins10
74 lbs. of Pott Iron at 2 d.124
1 small basen01
1 Crosscutt Saww10
2 doz. of flagg Chairs0110
1 large flagg Chair013
a parsell of old tubs, an old crosscutt Saw, an old trundle bedstead, & 2 baskets0105
1 powdering tub & 1 cask15
9 sider cask0110
1 large Still06
7 Ewe & lambs at 8 s.0216
10 Sheep at 5 s.0210
4 Cowes & Calves at 35 s.07
10 Cowes & Yearlings at 40 s.20
3 Young Stears at 25 s.0315
1 pair of Spoon Molds12
1 sett of Coopers tools15
1 Add_, 8 Auger [?], & 1 Square05
1 well fixt [illegible]15
3 Meal Sifters??
Page 69a, Right Column£sd
1 old feather bed, bolster, & blanket, a pair of Sheets, bedstead, cord, & hide03
3 wedges, 1 pewter dish, & 7 plates076
1 large Iron pott & 1 small Do.13
1 old Chest02
2 old frying pans02
a parsel of working tools & other lumber15
3 Cow & calves0505
3 Cows & Yearlings06
2 Stears03
1 Mare & Colt0210
1 Mare05
8 hoggs at 6 s.0208
1 Spinning Wheel, 1 old Saw, 10 lb. pint pott08
1 bed cord & Razors & a old Hone036

Westmoreland / At a Court held for the said County this 26th Day of July 1727.

This Inventory of the Estate of Samuel Dishman dec’d. was returned into Court upon Oath by John Dishman one of his Executors and Ordered to be Recorded.

G. Turberville C.C.W

Recorded this third Day of August 1727.
G.T: C.C.W.

Notes for Samuel Dishman’s Will and Inventory

The total value of Samuel Dishman’s estate was not recorded, but the total of the legible numbers in the inventory is 562 pounds (£), 4 shillings (s), and 5 pence (d).  The British monetary system was used in the Colonies at that time, with 1 £ = 20 shillings and 1 shilling = 12 pence. Using historic measures of the consumer price index for Britain, this corresponds to approximately $74,000  in current U.S. dollars. Note that this does not include the value of any land or buildings that he owned.

Samuel owned 21 slaves that accounted for two-thirds of the estate value.

The inventory contains several items that give a clue to the origin and occupation of Samuel Dishman.

  • The “19 French books” are consistent with the theory that Samuel Dishman came from France.
  • The “sett of Smith’s tools” , the large quantities of metals (90 lbs of new steel, 366 lbs of old iron, 27 lbs of old brass, 108 lbs of pott iron, 79 lbs of good pewter, 68 lbs of old pewter, 74 lbs of pott iron), and the “money scales & weights” indicate that Samuel Dishman may have been a metalsmith.  Isaac Duchemin, believed to be Samuel’s brother, was referred to as a “smith” in several court records.

Glossary of Terms

bedstead: the framework for supporting a bed.
bell mettle: “bell metal”, a form of bronze containing 20% to 24% tin that has a particularly sonorous quality, used to cast bells.
bolster: a long narrow pillow or cushion.
carsey: a coarse, ribbed, narrow woolen cloth named after the town Kersey in Suffolk, England.
cooper’s tools: tools used to make or repair wooden barrels and tubs.
dowlas: a coarse linen or cotton cloth.
drawing knife: A joiner’s tool having a blade with a handle at each end, used to shave off surfaces, by drawing it toward one.
druggett: a heavy felted fabric of wool or wool and cotton, used as a floor covering.
duroys: a coarse woollen fabric formerly manufactured in the West of England.
flesh fork: a meat fork for cooking in the fireplace.
frow: also froe, a cleaving tool having a heavy blade set at right angles to the handle.
garlicks: Garlick, Gulick, Gulix or Guilick holland, very fine and white linen, was chiefly used for men’s shirts.
gridiron: a grated iron utensil for broiling flesh and fish over coals.
huccaback: a coarse absorbent cotton or linen fabric used especially for toweling.
penistone: a coarse woolen.
piggins: a small wooden pail or tub with an upright stave for a handle, often used as a dipper.
powdering tub: a tub or vessel in which meat is corned or salted.
serge: a durable woolen fabric made from combed long-staple wool which was not fulled.
shalloon: a lightweight wool or worsted twill fabric, used chiefly for coat linings.
stillards: variant of “steelyards”, a type of balance scale.
shirt Holland: Holland is a linen cloth originally produced in Holland and later generically applied to other linens.
spitt: a slender, pointed rod on which meat is impaled for broiling.

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  1. My mother just showed me the hand typed copies of this will someone made in the early 1900s in our family…it’s interesting that its an exact copy of what I just read. We are related to the Templetons that one of the Dishmans married in the 1800s.

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