1696/97 Deed for 100 acres in Westmoreland County

Land – 1696/97 Deed for 100 acres in Westmoreland County

Isaac Duchemin (d. 1699) purchased 100 acres of land in Westmoreland County on February 22, 1696/97 from Charles Ashton. The land was inherited by his wife Martha upon his death in 1699, and presumably inherited by Samuel Dishman upon her death since Isaac and Martha had no known children.


This deed contains several items of genealogical interest:

  • Isaac’s name is recorded as Duchmine, while Samuel’s name is recorded as Duchemen. This may be a result of an error made when the original documents were copied by the county clerk, or when the county deed book was recopied at a later date.
  • Isaac’s occupation is identified as a smith, or blacksmith.


Westmoreland County, Virginia, Deed & Wills No. 2, 1691-1699, pp. 95a-96a, 22 Feb 1696

This Indenture made this 22nd day of Feby Anno Dom 1696 Between Charles Ashton of Washington Parish in the County of Westmoreland in the Colony of Virginia, Gent. of the one Part and Isaac Duchmine of the same place (Smeth) of the other part, Witnesseth that the said Charles Ashton for divers good causes and considerations him thereunto moving, more especially for & in consideration of the full sum or neet quantity of 4000 pounds of good sound legal Tobacco in hand Secured, before signing Sealing and delivery of these presents, have bargained, aliened, and sold, and soe by these presents and for the Consideration aforesaid, Bargain, Alien, Sell, Enfeoff and Confirm from him the said Charles Ashton & his heirs fe. [forever], unto him the said Isaac Duchmine his heirs fe, 100 Acres of Land lying and being in the aforesaid Parish and being part of a Tract of Land of 500 acres formerly purchased by Capt. John Ashton, deced., Father of the said Charles, of John Brueton, deced., the said 100 acres of Land hereby bargained & sold being bounded as follows (viz): beginning at a corner marked red oake, being a Corner tree of the back line that divideth this said 500 acres and the Land of Malachy Peale, Merct. [merchant], Extending from the said corner tree S:S:E 262 poles to a red oake Standing on the N. side of Attopin Beaver Dam run, and being a Corner tree of a line that divideth this Land, and the land of Mr. George Harris, thence up the said Dam, W:S:W 20. W by S 42 poles to a marked maple, then N.N.W. parralell to the first Course, to a marked post in the aforesaid back line, finally along the said back line to the first mentioned Red Oake.

To have and to hold the said 100 Acres of Land to him the said Isaac Duchmine his heirs and assigns forever with all woods, underwoods, timber and timber trees, with all profits, privileges, Commodities, hereditaments, Appurtenances and Immunities in any wise belonging or Appertaining unto the said 100 Acres hereby demised and Sold, with his due share of all Mines & Minerals therein Contained, in as large and ample manner to all intents & purposes as is granted by conveyance for the said 500 acres of Land, he the said Isaac Duchmine yielding and paying year1y and every year at feast of St. Michaell the Arch Angel unto the said Charles Ashton his heirs or assigns the fee rent of Two Shillings Sterling money, and further more he the said Charles Ashton doth hereby Warrant that he the said Isaac Duchmine his heirs or assigns, shall and may from time to time and at all times hereafter, quietly have, hold, occupy, possess and enjoy the said 100 Acres of Land and every Part and parcel, membrance, and Appurtenance thereof, against the legal claim of him the said Charles Ashton, his heirs or assigns or any Claiming from by or under him.

In witness and confirmation of all and every the above premises he the above said Charles Ashton hath hereunto sett his hand, affixed his seal the day and year first above said mentioned.

Charles Ashton (seal)

Signed sealed and delivered in presence of

William Horton, John Pratt, Samll. Duchemen

At a Court held for the said County the 24th of Feby. 1696 Charles Ashton above named personally appeared and acknowledged the Above Instrument to be his proper Act and Deed, and the Lands & premises thereby mentioned to be conveyed, to be the above named Isaac Duchmines, to the just right and Inheritence of the said Isaac Duchmine his heirs and assigns forever.


James Westcomb C.W.C

Transcription made from a copy of the original document by W. Keith Dishman on 30 Jun 2002.

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