Les Protestants de Fresnes

Les Protestants des FresnesLes Protestants de Fresnes is a new book by Jacky Delafontenelle concerning the genealogy and history of many of the early Protestant families in the Fresnes (Orne) region of France.  The book is over 600 pages with more than 100 photographs and illustrations, and is written in French.  The book is available directly from the author at http://protestantfrenes.canalblog.com/.

The author is a descendant of Isaac Duchemin, half-brother of my ancestor Samuel Duchemin, both of whom immigrated to Virginia before 1693. Jacky knew that Samuel and Isaac had left France, but did not know where they had gone. I had evidence that Samuel and Isaac probably came from France, but did have any information about their origin. I found a website of Jacky’s several years ago that mentioned the name Isaac Duchemin and we began corresponding. The connection between Samuel and Isaac of Virginia with Samuel and Isaac Duchemin of France was established as a result of this correspondence.

The book includes a chapter on the Duchemin family and the Dishman Family of Virginia, and provides a lot of detail about the French origins of the Dishman family.

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