Dishmans in America

Dishmans in America

The descendants of Samuel Duchemin (Dishman) became successful farmers and landowners in the Northern Neck of Virginia during the 18th century. Several of his grandsons fought in the American Revolution and others supported the revolution by contributing food and livestock. Following the revolution the Dishmans began migrating west following in the footsteps of many Americans looking for land and opportunity.

My direct ancestors remained in the Northern Neck area, living initially in Westmoreland County and then later King George County. My grandfather James Samuel “Sam” Dishman was the last Dishman to live in the area, remaining there until he died in 1979 at age 93. He served as the Sheriff of King George County for 16 years.

My direct ancestors:

Descendant and Ancestor Charts

There are several other groups in America with the Dishman surname but to date there has been no evidence that connects them with the Dishmans that trace their ancestry to Samuel Duchemin. These lines are briefly described on the Other Dishman Lines page.

The genealogical details of over 1700 individuals meeting the Inclusion Criteria are available in the Dishman Family section of this website. That part of the site contains individual data for many descendants of Samuel Duchemin and their related families, as well as for most of my paternal ancestors.

Similarly, the Mitchell Family section of this website contains individual data for many of my maternal ancestors and related families.

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