Inclusion Criteria

Site Inclusion Criteria

The following criteria are used when determining which individuals to include on this site.  This allows the size of the site to be kept at a reasonable limit so that the quality of the information can be maintained.  Of course, there are always some exceptions, and I reserve the right to determine who to include or exclude.

  1. I include ancestors and descendants of Samuel Duchemin, their spouses, and the parents of their spouses.
  2. I include my paternal and maternal grandparents, and their ancestors.
  3. I don’t typically include the children of female descendants (only the male lines are followed).
  4. I include my direct ancestors, their siblings, their spouses, and the parents of their spouses.
  5. I don’t include any information about living individuals.
  6. I don’t include detailed information for people born after 1930 who died after 1980.
  7. I don’t typically include the siblings of spouses.
  8. I don’t typically include Dishmans that are not descended from Samuel Duchemin.

3 thoughts on “Inclusion Criteria”

  1. Please My name is Phillip Dishman , I am a descend of Thomas Jefferson Dishman who married Kiziah Doublehead (Indian) I was born in Monticello KY My question is: Is Thomas Jefferson Dishman ,Peter Dishman

    1. Yes, there are lots of references to slaves in the pre-Civil War wills (see the Colonial Documents page for a few transcripts) and also in many of the Chancery Court records from Virginia counties. I have a task on my future “to do” list to compile the names of slaves listed in the various documents I have in order to help their ancestors possibly make some connection.

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