Inclusion Criteria

Site Inclusion Criteria

The following criteria are used when determining which individuals to include on this site.  This allows the size of the site to be kept at a reasonable limit so that the quality of the information can be maintained.  Of course, there are always some exceptions, and I reserve the right to determine who to include or exclude.

  1. I include ancestors and descendants of Samuel Duchemin, their spouses, and the parents of their spouses.
  2. I include my paternal and maternal grandparents, and their ancestors.
  3. I don’t typically include the children of female descendants (only the male lines are followed).
  4. I include my direct ancestors, their siblings, their spouses, and the parents of their spouses.
  5. I don’t include any information about living individuals.
  6. I don’t include detailed information for people born after 1930 who died after 1980.
  7. I don’t typically include the siblings of spouses.
  8. I don’t typically include Dishmans that are not descended from Samuel Duchemin.

7 thoughts on “Inclusion Criteria”

  1. Please My name is Phillip Dishman , I am a descend of Thomas Jefferson Dishman who married Kiziah Doublehead (Indian) I was born in Monticello KY My question is: Is Thomas Jefferson Dishman ,Peter Dishman

    1. Yes, there are lots of references to slaves in the pre-Civil War wills (see the Colonial Documents page for a few transcripts) and also in many of the Chancery Court records from Virginia counties. I have a task on my future “to do” list to compile the names of slaves listed in the various documents I have in order to help their ancestors possibly make some connection.

  2. I am trying to prove that Elizabeth Dishman, born abt 1766, wife of Thomas Muse, is the daughter if Samuel Dishman. There are many places online where it states that she is Samuel’s daughter, but no concrete proof or primary source record. Samuel’s will does state Elizabeth is the daughter of Samuel and wife of Thomas, but I need better proof. Any ideas? thanks, Loretta

  3. hello, My name is Lana jean Dishman; I am a direct decendant of Samuel Duchemin, and Isaac.
    They are “french Huegonats”, who landed in Westmoreland Va.
    I can’t find the information I need on my Grand father. His name is William and his father Robert L.
    I am told there is some relation to an Indian tribe????
    I have a lot on the early writings, when they first arrived. I am missing the latter part in VA.

  4. My line consists as the following:

    (Father) Peter Dishman
    (Mother) Sarah (Reynolds) Dishman
    (Father) Thomas Jefferson Dishman 

    (Mother) Keziah “Kizzie” Doublehead 

    (Son) Jefferson Dishman 

    (Father) Jefferson Dishman 

    (Mother) Lydia Dishman (Upchurch)

    (Son) John Dishman 

    (Father) John Dishman 

    (Mother) Mary Ann Dishman  (Morgan)

    (Son) Burrell Tillman Dishman 

    (Father) Burrell Tillman Dishman 

    (Mother) Sarah B. “Sally” Dishman (Abbott)

    (Daughter) Daisy Belle Dishman  (Hayes)

    (Father) Eli “Elza” Hayes 

    (Mother) Daisy Belle  Hayes (Dishman)

    (Son) Porter “Port” Tillman Hayes 

    (Father) Porter Tillman Hayes 

    (Mother) Gladis Hayes (Formerly Brown)

    (Daughter) Sandra Kay Hayes (Singleton)

    My family:

    (Father) Henry Laurell Singleton 

    (Mother) Sandra Kay Singleton  (Hayes)

    (Son) Laurell Dean Singleton 

    (Son) Christopher Lowell Singleton 

    (Daughter) Cathleen “Cathy” Singleton 

    (Daughter) Teresa Angela Singleton 

  5. My grandfather John Dishman was born in Kentucky but moved as a child. He built a life with 12 children in South Louisiana. I am interested in our family line prior to his move.

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