Change Log

Change Log

The list of changes below refer to the overall website. Refer to the Dishman Recent Changes or Mitchell Recent Changes pages for changes to genealogical details of individuals.

December 2016

  • Changed the WordPress theme (now using a version of the Twenty Sixteen theme)
  • Reorganized the pages and associated list of contents
  • Added links to the Mitchell Family pages, a separate Second Site website
  • Updated the databases of individuals with newly found information

September 2014

August 2014

Dec 2010

  • Added Blog section and updated WordPress theme to Catalyst

Jul 2010

  • Converted main site to WordPress and reformatted most of the existing pages

Nov 2007

  • Updated the individual data pages and changed their format

Sep 2005

  • Added audio file and transcript of interview with James Samuel Dishman

Feb 2005

  • Added transcript of 1798 Essex County Chancery Suit

Jan 2005

  • Updated the individual data pages

Nov 2004

  • Added my criteria for who to include on this site
  • Updated and reformatted the individual data pages
  • Updated the Dishman timeline
  • Updated Migrations page
  • Added Other Lines page

Oct 2004

  • Updated and reformatted the individual data pages
  • Added Samuel Duchemin signature page

Sep 2004

  • Added Google Search form to main page (again)

Jul 2004

  • Updated the narratives with photos of the Addison T. Dishman family

May 2004

  • Updated the French Origins page
  • Added Duchemin Tombstones page
  • Updated the narratives
  • Updated the Dead Ends page to remove the Samuel and Isaac Duchemin entry

Jan 2004

  • Updated the Public Records Extracts

Dec 2003

  • Added French Origins page
  • Cleaned up Home page for faster loading and reduced visual clutter
  • Updated the narratives

Aug 2003

  • Updated the Land Records

Jun 2003

  • Added documents concerning James Samuel Dishman
  • Updated and reformatted the Land Records

May 2003

  • Added the inventory of Samuel Dishman’s estate
  • Updated Dishman Research Notes

Apr 2003

  • Added Proof of Lineage

Mar 2003

  • Added more family photographs
  • Added family photographs
  • Updated the narratives and photos
  • Added descendant and pedigree charts

Jan 2003

  • Added Dishman Timeline
  • Added Dishman Research Notes
  • Updated the narratives
  • Added Google Search form to main page
  • Added Land Records from King George County

Sep 2002

  • Added Dishman Distribution maps
  • Updated Home Page with graphics
  • Added Comments page
  • Added Migrations page
  • Updated Wills page
  • Added Dead Ends Page
  • Added James Samuel Dishman pages
  • Updated Wills page

Aug 2002

  • Updated Seven Generations narrative with graphics theme
  • Initial publication of The Dishman Family in Virginia