Jeremiah Dishman1

ID #761, (22 April 1752 - 17 August 1829)


Father: Peter Dishman2 b. c 1718, d. c Nov 1763
Mother: Sarah (?)2 b. s 1730, d. a Jun 1773

Key Events

Birth22 Apr 1752He was born on 22 Apr 1752 in Essex County, Virginia.3,2
Marriage7 Nov 1782He married Nancy Ann Miller, daughter of Simon Miller and Ann (?), on 7 Nov 1782 in Bedford County, Virginia.4,5,6
Death17 Aug 1829He died on 17 Aug 1829 in Simpson County, Kentucky, at age 77.3

Children with Nancy Ann Miller:

Sarah Ann Dishman13 (21 Aug 1783 - 28 Sep 1873)
Elizabeth Dishman13 (8 Apr 1785 - b 1826)
Anna Dishman13 (c 1788 - )
Margaret Dishman13 (6 Apr 1789 - )
John Dishman+13 (5 Oct 1791 - 17 Feb 1879)
Susannah Dishman+13 (21 Nov 1793 - 10 Jun 1863)
James Dishman+13 (28 Feb 1796 - 19 Aug 1878)
Mary Dishman15 (25 Feb 1798 - 18 Sep 1867)
Prudence Dishman13 (16 Dec 1801 - 9 Jan 1889)
Jeremiah B. Dishman+13 (5 Aug 1804 - 24 Apr 1876)
Logan M. Dishman13 (18 Aug 1810 - 28 Feb 1884)

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Other Events

Military1776He was drafted into the army during the Revolutionary War in 1776. He was unable to withstand hard marching due to poor health and was stationed at Tappahannock (then called Hobb's Hole) to guard the sea coast.7
Tax List1787He appeared on the Tax List of 1787 in Botetourt County, Virginia.8
Tax List1794He appeared on the Tax List of 1794 in Botetourt County, Virginia.9
Tax List1800He appeared on the Tax List of 1800 in Bedford County, Virginia.10
Will8 Apr 1807He was named an heir in the will of Samuel Dishman dated 8 Apr 1807 in Essex County, Virginia.11
Census18106 Aug 1810He at age 58 was listed as the head of a family on the 1810 census in Pulaski County, Kentucky.12
Residenceafter 1812He resided in Simpson County, Kentucky, after 1812.13
Census18207 Aug 1820He at age 68 was listed as the head of a family on the 1820 census in Simpson County, Kentucky.14


Other information

Grandson of Samuel Duchemin
1st cousin 4 times removed of James Samuel Dishman
Last Edited: 11 Feb 2017


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