David A. Templeton1,2

ID #3082, (circa 1876 - )


Father: James Franklin Templeton1 b. 25 Apr 1843, d. 24 Apr 1907
Mother: Helena Cecilia Rebecca Dishman1 b. 27 Feb 1856, d. 30 Aug 1887

Key Events

Birthcirca 1876He was born circa 1876 in Texas.1

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Other Events

Census18801 Jun 1880He was listed as James Franklin Templeton's son on the 1880 census in Cherokee County, Texas.1
Census19001 Jun 1900He was listed as an unknown person 's son on the 1900 census in Harris County, Texas.2


Other information

4th great-grandson of Samuel Duchemin
5th cousin of James Samuel Dishman
Last Edited: 4 Jul 2017


  1. [S94] 1880 U.S. Federal Census (Population Schedule), Texas, Cherokee County, Precinct 3, ED 14, page 365A, Frank Templeton household (Online: Ancestry.com, Inc.), viewed 3 Jul 2017. Frank, age 36, born AR, Helena, age 24, born TX, James, age 6, David, age 4, Edwin, age 2, Mariam, age 3m.
  2. [S96] 1900 U.S. Federal Census (Population Schedule), Texas, Harris County, Precinct 4, ED 99, page 13A, Frank Templeton household (Online: Ancestry.com, Inc.), viewed 3 Jul 2017. Frank, age 57, head, divorced (sic) James D., age 26, son, David A., age 24, son, Edward B., age 22, son, Marion, age 20, daughter.


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