Wilson Dishman1,2,3

ID #1002, ( - between August 1864 and December 1864)

Key Events

Deathbetween Aug 1864 and Dec 1864He died of wounds received at Gettysburg on 1 Jul 1863 while in prison (unknown prison, possibly he was captured while recovering from his wounds) between Aug 1864 and Dec 1864.2

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Other Events

Militaryfrom 24 Jul 1861 to Dec 1864He served on the Confederate side as a private in company E of the 55th Virginia Infranty Regiment from 24 Jul 1861 to Dec 1864. He enlisted at Tappahannock, VA and was promoted to Full Sergeant on 14 May 1863. He was wounded in the chest at Gettysburg on 1 Jul 1863 and died of his wounds in prison sometime between August and December 1864.2,1


Other information

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  1. [S552] Richmond Whig, 17 Jul 1863, Sgt. Wilson Dishman, Co. E, 55th Virginia Infantry was reported to have been severly wounded in the chest at Gettysburg.
  2. [S391] Compiled Service Records, Confederate, Virginia, Wilson Dishman, Company E, 55th Virginia Infantry, Record includes information for both Wilson Dishman and W. W. Dishman. Based on other information, it is likely that the records of two different individuals were merged when the service records were compiled.
  3. [S106] Dishman Family, Informal Genealogical Notes Personal papers of James Dallas Dishman, Chart 8.


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